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Software Development

GEORG AUTOMATION uses up-to-date software development systems for the implementation of defined/the set requirements:

WinCC – WinCC stands for Windows Control Centre – for complete HMI functionality, nearly unlimited openness and remarkable scalability, running on standard or industrial PCs with operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP®.

STEP 7 – the SIMATIC Manager
is the optimal development environment for the realisation of challenges in automation processes. The programming language complies with IEC 61131-3 and is an international standard.

Complete and fast control tasks – e.g. the drive control of a rotary shear – are programmed in ANSI-C.

For complex tasks, S7-SCL is used as a higher level programming language similar to Pascal. S7-SCL is a PLCOpen Base Level certified language.

S7-HiGraph – all regular and irregular machine conditions and linking transitions are defined graphically. The resulting state diagram will be compiled to a runtime-optimized machine readable code.

InTouch – The worldwide leading HMI-Software. InTouch ensures its success and leading position with user friendly, object-oriented, configurable graphics, comprehensive communication interfaces and a flexible architecture.